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APPENDIX B: Acknowledgements

We would like to recognize the contributions of various individuals and agencies in the preparation of this Manual. Many thanks to the (former) Children’s Trust Executive Director Suzin Bartley for her outstanding leadership on this and all previous editions – and for her exemplary and unwavering commitment to the safety and welfare of Massachusetts children. Thanks also to Jack Miller, former Director of Programs for the Children’s Trust, for his ongoing support and partnership on the project.

The Children’s Trust wishes to extend its infinite gratitude to Dr. Anthony (Tony) Rizzuto for his tireless commitment, expertise, and leadership on this project, as well as to Dr. Cynthia Crosson for her long-standing collaboration and co-authorship.

The Children’s Trust would also like to thank the following agencies and individuals for their support and review of this Manual:

The Office of the Child Advocate – in particular Maria Mossaides, the Child Advocate and Cristine Goldman, Director of Policy and Legal Counsel.

The Department of Children and Families – in particular Lori Ann Bertram, Clinical Manager for Field Support and Program Manager for Human Trafficking.

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education – in particular Anne Gilligan, Safe and Healthy Schools Coordinator.

The Children’s Trust – in particular Rayna Charles, Director of Family Support Training and Parent Education.

Valuing Our Children – in particular Kena Vescovi, Executive Director.

Massachusetts Children’s Alliance – in particular Tom King, Executive Director and Madeline Hellinghausen, (former) Training and Education Coordinator.

The MA Sex Offender Registry Board – in particular Judy Norton, Director, Victim Service


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