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Monitoring Behavior

Problematic Sexual Behaviors Infographic

This visualization, created by the Massachusetts Legislative Task Force for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, includes the potential process and...


Sample Self-Audit Form for YSOs

This form was designed for Youth Serving Organizations (YSO) to determine how safe their organization is for children. It includes eight detailed...


CSA Prevention Tool for Organizations

This checklist was developed by Dr. Sandy K. Wurtele. It outlines specific Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) prevention guidelines for Youth-Serving...

Safe Environments

Sample Electronic Communication Policy

This Electronic Communication Policy is an example of how Youth Serving Organizations (YSOs) can communicate policies with the public. This sample...


Guidelines for Disclosure

This resource helps guide Youth Serving Organization (YSO) staff and volunteers prepare for disclosures of abuse. This includes appropriate ways to...