Prevent Sexual Abuse this Summer 

Youth-Serving Organizations (YSOs) in Massachusetts are preparing for their summer sessions.  It’s important that YSO’s remain committed to preventing child sexual abuse during this period and beyond. Ensure the following safety guidelines are being adhered to at your site this summer: 

  1. Verify that all staff and volunteers acknowledge, understand, agree with, and sign your Code of Conduct. Include a Code of Ethics outlining your commitment to keep kids safe.  
  1. Ensure leadership models appropriate behavior and promotes positive interactions among staff and children. Encourage staff to view safety as a priority and mutual responsibility of all.  
  1. Create opportunities to talk with all staff about abuse prevention policies and build comfort with this topic. Communicate your policies and protocols to all stakeholders, including the parents and families of the children you serve.  
  1. Remind staff and volunteers to honor their duties and responsibilities as mandated reporters under MA law. Train all staff and volunteers on when, how, and to whom to report suspected abuse or disclosures of abuse.  
  1. Check driving records and ensure drivers responsible for the transportation of children have adequate credentials. Ensure that all staff and volunteers participating in off-site activities adhere to policies on transportation.  

It is the responsibility of every YSO to ensure that all children are protected from sexual abuse at all times. For more information on how to prevent sexual abuse at your YSO, please visit    

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