Child sexual abuse is a difficult topic. If you find yourself triggered by any of the website’s content, please stop and take the time you need to talk with someone to get support. If you need help now, please contact one of these resources today.

Essential Tenets of your YSO’s Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures are the backbone of your YSO’s sexual abuse prevention strategy. Maintaining adherence to your Policies and Procedures ensures that kids continue to be safe from sexual abuse while in your care.  

A few important tenets of Policies and Procedures include: 

  1. Establishing your organization’s commitment to safety and creating and implementing codes of conduct
  1. Conducting pre-employment screenings and periodically repeating background checks for all staff and volunteers.  
  1. Providing ongoing training for staff on how to recognize, respond, and report suspicions of child sexual abuse.  
  1. Auditing your policies and procedures every year.  
  1. Complete a comprehensive assessment of your child sexual abuse prevention plan every 3 years. 

Keeping children safe is your number one priority as a YSO. Maintaining your culture of prevention by continuously adhering to your Policies and Procedures ensures that every single child that walks through your doors is always protected. Learn more about how to prevent sexual abuse at your YSO at 

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