Child sexual abuse is a difficult topic. If you find yourself triggered by any of the website’s content, please stop and take the time you need to talk with someone to get support. If you need help now, please contact one of these resources today.

You can listen to the recorded conversation here.

“In Honest Conversations episode #7, we sat down with three experts who work to prevent the commercial sexual exploitation of children. In this conversation, we discussed some of the misconceptions about child sex trafficking, including in the digital world, and how learning the facts about this issue can help prevent child sex trafficking. The panelists also talked about trends they are seeing in how the pandemic is exasperating the online exploitation of children, and what parents can do to help protect their kids. 

The overarching theme: have open and honest conversations with children and other adults because child sex trafficking thrives in silence. Thank you to all who joined us and added to the conversation!”

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