Continue to Prevent Sexual Abuse at Your Organization this Summer and Fall

Youth-Serving Organizations (YSOs) across Massachusetts are amid their summer sessions as well as preparing to welcome thousands of more children this fall. Committing to keeping every child safe from sexual abuse ensures that abuse prevention is the number one priority at the YSO.  

Review the following safety guidelines: 

Code of Conduct 

A Code of Conduct establishes acceptable interactions and outlines the expectations and responsibilities of any person with access to children at your organization. The Code of Conduct includes your Code of Ethics describing the vision and guiding principles of the commitment to keep kids safe from sexual abuse.  

Policies and Procedures 

Policies and Procedures are an essential backbone of your prevention strategy, providing an overarching written structure that demonstrates your commitment to the safety and well-being of children and youth entrusted to your care. The standards enforced in your Policies and Procedures are dictated by your Code of Conduct. 

Monitoring Behavior 

Monitoring behavior is the responsibility of all staff to hold each other accountable for appropriate behaviors and to report inappropriate conduct to leadership. Develop the Monitoring Behavior protocol by determining if and how the Code of Conduct is being adhered to.  

Keeping children safe from sexual abuse is your number one priority as a YSO. Maintaining your culture of prevention means that every single child at your YSO is protected. For more information on how to prevent sexual abuse at your YSO, please visit 

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