Positive experiences can ease toxic stress and help children and youth grow into more resilient, healthier adults. HOPE (Health Outcomes from Positive Experiences) identifies ways that our communities and systems of care can better ensure that all children have more positive experiences and that all families have support to nurture and celebrate their strengths.

HOPE, grounded in science that demonstrates the formative role of positive experiences in human development, seeks to inspire a HOPE-informed movement that fundamentally transforms how we advance health and well-being for our children, families, and communities.

Going back to school can bring up a lot of feelings for students, parents, and even teachers. Happiness at being back together with friends, excitement about the new school year, and, of course, anxiety about the challenges ahead. The Four Building Blocks of HOPE can help focus on PCEs (positive childhood experiences). Read more about the 12 ways to practice PCEs as children return to school.

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