Child sexual abuse is a difficult topic. If you find yourself triggered by any of the website’s content, please stop and take the time you need to talk with someone to get support. If you need help now, please contact one of these resources today.

Take the Pledge

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Pledge to Keep Kids Safe

Committing your youth-serving organization to sustainable prevention practices to protect the children you serve requires full participation from your staff, volunteers, and parents. A pledge can help to harness that commitment and achieve buy-in from your community on the tools, best practices, and guidelines your organization will use to keep your children and youth safe from child sexual abuse.

How to Get Your Pledge Badge

To Take the Pledge, create your free Prevention Toolkit and read our recommended resources for preventing child sexual abuse. Once you complete the reading, Safe Kids Thrive will generate a pledge badge that you can share on your website, demonstrating your commitment to preventing child sexual abuse.

Make an Account

Create your free Prevention Toolkit and we will generate a list of resources tailored to your interests. You can also add resources you find throughout the site to create a tailored library of child sexual abuse prevention information for your organization.

Read the Modules

Complete our recommended reading to generate your pledge badge. You can display this badge on your website to show your commitment to keeping kids safe from child sexual abuse!

Print Your Pledge

In addition to displaying the Pledge Badge on your website, we provide a simple tool to generate a written pledge to keep kids safe from child sexual abuse that you can display in your organization.